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  Purple division was established in 2002 is a professional environmental protection of the atmospheric pollution control integrated solutions provider, dedicated to treating industrial organic waste gas, the stench and related atmospheric pollutant emissions, mainly for industrial and municipal engineering and other volatile organic compounds and VOCs, odour control integration solutions, and provide the customers with research and development, design, manufacture, integration, commissioning, operation, etc.

  Company is the first domestic organic waste gases, VOCs processing and stench governance combined with enterprise, business covers various industries, and is widely used in municipal engineering, solid waste, sewage and sludge of deodorant, waste incineration, landfill, fetid odor treatment such as garbage power projects.The Qingdao haier, cofco, anti-lu medicine, bridgestone, mitsubishi electromechanical, Hitachi, sander group and so on dozens of the listed company's approval.Company turn technology advantage in Beijing Olympic Games success of eat hutch garbage deodorization project and during the guangzhou Asian games for industrial enterprises to provide first-class organic waste gases and fetor environmental solutions.Made a major contribution in the aspect of PM2.5 emissions of pollutants, and now has grown into the most professional one of the atmospheric pollution control integrated solution provider, the products are from the European Union CE certification, are exported to at home and abroad.
Company has strong technical force, is a high and new technology enterprise, the Chinese academy of sciences guangzhou geochemical environmental protection technology and equipment production base, production base in guangdong university of technology.Has been awarded to the asia-pacific international environmental technology innovation awards, awards, air purification in China top ten enterprises of eat hutch waste recycle and disposal technology innovation enterprise and other honorary titles.


The company's main business is processing waste gas treatment, the stench.Mainly provide waste gas treatment, deodorant, environmental protection engineering design, manufacture, installation and debugging of acceptance and operation services, waste management and stench management series product sales.Is a collection of engineering design, project contracting, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and commissioning operation and maintenance in a body's specialization of exhaust gas treatment, the stench disposal system operator.
The company's business scope: environmental protection special equipment manufacturing;Environmental protection technology consultation and communication services;Cleaning supplies wholesale;Biological control technology consultation and communication services;Environmental protection equipment wholesale;The environmental protection facilities construction;Engineering and technology research and experimental development;Environmental protection technology development services;Import and export of goods (except specializes in exclusive control of goods);Technology import and export.

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