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Introduction to the production workshop exhaust gas treatment technology

Date: 2016-04-07
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  Production workshop emissions, plagued by each producer.The production process, from all kinds of odor molecules, such as: hydrogen sulfide odorous pollutants, benzene, acid mist, ammonia, etc.Although some little intensity of pollutant, and exhaust emissions is big, the volatile odor molecules, to take all kinds of harmful substances, harm to people's physical and mental health, certain ecological effects on the surrounding environment.
  Production workshop of commonly used methods for exhaust gas treatment with plasma deodorization, photocatalytic deodorization, microbial degradation method, catalytic combustion method and activated carbon adsorption technology such as governance.According to the properties of each production workshop emissions of gases, and use light catalysis, adsorption, plasma purifying methods of deodorization.Waste gas treatment methods need to be considered when the waste gas discharge, composition and concentration of organic solvent, waste gas treatment equipment cost and operation maintenance cost, equipment occupies space size and other factors.Guangzhou purple families, environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Production of deodorization equipment system is widely applied in the fields of controlling any kinds organic waste gases, not only provide free exhaust gas treatment project, also at the scene of the field investigation, measurement data, the pursuit of high quality service and low cost operation of waste gas project.
Organic waste gas treatment method is to adopt the method of photocatalytic deodorant works: pollution gases through the fan power into the exhaust manifold, in front of the gas from the exhaust manifold discharge requirement of purification, efficient catalytic nickel net installed in front of the fan exhaust duct, ultraviolet lamp installed after the efficient catalyst of nickel net, pollution gases after the two section of the realization of the aim of the purification and deodorization.The whole process and use the three products matching: efficient catalytic nickel net + c-band ultraviolet + Vaportek deodorant diaphragm system
Areas of application:
  Apply to eat hutch garbage treatment station, waste transfer station, municipal waste treatment plant, rubber factory, tyre plant, electronics factory, chemical plants, petrochemical plant, cigarette factories, tanneries, pharmaceutical, pesticide plant, sewage plant, printing plant, garbage incinerators, market, environmental protection and medical waste treatment station such as exhaust gas, etc.

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