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Microwave vibration air purifier
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The working principle of
  Microwave vibration air purifier contains natural plant extract dialysis membrane, the source of forest VAPORTEK fetid odor removal technology used by a variety of odor remover made of natural plant extracts, the plant extract wrapped in one-way dialysis membrane (world patent), because the dialysis membrane has one-way osmosis, the VAPORTEK plant extract except smelly particles evenly distributed on the surface of the diaphragm, and out of the power of air convection and rapidly eliminate the bad smell at the same time, not to inhale external other substances, keep plant extract TianRanXing forever.
  Deodorant particles into the air can rapidly active capture stench gas molecules in the air, and will smell wrapped in particles.Common odor molecules mostly small molecule organic matter (esters, alcohols, aromatic hydrocarbon, etc.), also including some inorganic small molecules such as ozone, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbon, high surface activity, usually in the sense of smell cells excitant strong, even in the gas component concentration under the premise of discharging standard, still with a strong sense of smell pollution ability, what say normally namely has characteristics of low pollution concentration, high odor intensity.Particles of VAPORTEK for natural oil deodorization, nonpolar interactions among the particles by molecular non covalent binding with odor molecules, thereby significantly the molecular stability, reduce its activity and excitement.Furthermore, as a result of the combination proportion increase, settled through sedimentation.This process is different from the chemical reaction process and generate a third material, it is also different from simple cover action, will not cause secondary pollution, can completely remove odor.


Product features
U two world patent technology;Pure natural plant extract and one-way dialysis membrane;
Taken the antibacterial, mouldproof, purify the air;
U and smoke, the gas of the decoration materials such as organic bad smell and pungent odor;
Taken the natural plant extract, safe non-toxic;
U don't release the ozone or other harmful substances;
U quiet operation, release the pleasant fragrance;
Taken the easy operation, fast lasting effect.


Installation instructions:
(not yet install diaphragm tank)
1. The machine on, remove the back cover.
2. Take the power cord out and put at the bottom of the opening of the diaphragm canned into the machine, please make sure it and the inside of the gasket.
3. The back cover.
(the) with the diaphragm tank
4. Please put the machine in the nearly odor source, or put on the bookcase, floor classy, if well ventilated effect is more ideal.
5. Insert the plug into socket with ground wire.
6. The rotary switch to '1' or above.
7. To begin (machine) for milk smells please adjust to the '1';For the stench please adjust to the '5';In products for smell please adjust to '10' on the surface of the object.
8. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes, if the stench is still strong, please adjust height number;Having too strong taste, such as plants extract, please cut appropriately, to feel the stench is advisable.Due to the bad smell uneven distribution, so as to feel a slight plant extract taste best.
9. Check the normal operation of the diaphragm tank: the rotary table is set to '10' and see if I can feel the flavor of the plant extract.


Device name



Use the space(m2)

power supply


Equipment weight(Kg)




The source of forest microwave vibration air purifier








The source of forest sterilization deodorization air purifier









Diaphragm replacement time and scope

Use your timeScope of application

Rotary dial






8~10 months

5~7 months

2~4 months

2 months

1 months

Toilet, guest room, conference room, the futures exchange, bank, hotel lobby, smoking room, waiting room, laboratory, restaurants, sauna room, hospital, pet room, Internet bar, KTV, etc

Dump etc.

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