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Product introduction
Products have been national plant protection machinery quality supervision and inspection center inspection, and to receive a certificate issued by the national ministry of agriculture to promote identification, products have passed 3 c compulsory certification, product by the Chinese people's property insurance company accept insurance.
Domestic high quality gasoline generating set, the machine is stable, reliable and high security.
Wind is strong, high range (far) and good penetrability.
Automatic control and the remote control (can be in the driving room) operation, safe and convenient.
Which can realize constant, low capacity and low capacity of a variety of forms such as spray.
Prevention and control of low labor intensity, high efficiency, low cost.
Can form a complete set of all kinds of pick-up trucks, small four-wheeler, electric tricycle.
Products completely conform to the enterprise standard, guarantees quality, warranty for one year, life-long service.

Product features:
Novel design, reasonable structure, remote/control is compatible, starting fast, the use of safe, flexible, convenient, applicable to all kinds of vehicles to carry, easy and convenient installation.
Spray, workers can be adjusted in driving indoor or leave the spray machine remote control spray pitch Angle and the horizontal rotation Angle, effectively avoid pesticide pollution to the workers.
Capability is strong, range far, flow can effectively turn positive and negative plant leaves make it evenly by medicine, wide coverage, fog light superfine grain, can achieve precise spray.
Adhesion of objects with strong penetrating power and liquid medicine, can effectively save the dosage and reduce pollution.
High efficiency, wide applicable scope, spray speed.

Scope of application:
Forest protection, urban landscaping, street trees, tall trees, such as pest control, wind sand forest, orchard, flowers brought trees, grassland pasture, etc., especially suitable for tall and dense trees spraying plant diseases and insect pests prevention and cure;Applies to both dedusting cooling in coal mine, wharf, public Spaces, and garbage field spraying sterilization.Kill the Bai E, grasshoppers, and large area of agriculture and forestry pest control.The large-scale disinfection after the landfill, and natural disasters, epidemic prevention.
Supporting vehicles: apply to all kinds of pickup car or farm tractors

Main configuration:
5 KW air-cooled diesel generating sets, special spray cone, 2.2 KW axial flow fan configuration type 22 triplex plunger pump with a 1.5 KW motor, 400 litres of a medicine cabinet, electric cabinet, handheld remote control.
The main technical indicators:
Working pressure: 1.5-3.0 Mpa
Wind: 960 ~ 220 pa air volume: 55 ~ 101 m3 / min
Spray: 9 to 18 l/min level range: 35 m or
Vertical range: p 20 m yuexiang capacity: 400 l
Spray tube pitch: - 10 °, 90 ° Angle: 360 °
The weight: 500 kg dimension: 138 * 96 * 168 (cm)

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