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Taken the product principle:
Purple division series cartridge filter: filter for negative pressure operation, dust gas from the air inlet into the box body, caused by sudden enlargement and air distribution plate flow section.Part of rough particles in gas under the effect of inertia force is deposited in ash hopper: within the folded filter filter material under the action of negative pressure, gas through filtering material into the net gas chamber, the fan from the discharge outlet, fine granularity and density of small dust particles into the dust filtering chamber, combination effect through brown diffusion and sieve filter, etc.The dust deposition on the surface of the filter material. When the dust on the surface of filter material is piling up, filter resistance with the increase of the filter material surface dust layer thickness increases.Resistance reaches a certain specified value for ash removal.At this time also can set a time pulse valve is opened, the compressed air in a very short time high speed into the cartridge. The cartridge expansion deformation produces vibration, and under the action of reverse flow scouring, adherent dust on the surface of the filter bag appearance, stripped fell into the hopper.Soot, dust collector and restore filtering state, restore running low resistance.

End product introduction:
1) the ash removal device: series filter adopts compressed air pulse ash removal was achieved by PLC control.
2) sink down room: after entering the series filter dust gas flow rate is greatly reduced, large particles of dust natural sedimentation by its own gravity.
3) filter cartridge filter layer: according to the properties of gas dust consistent choose material of the cartridge, after entering the precipitator dust in the gas, through the filter material, the cartridge dust be intercepted in the outer wall.Clean air into the cartridge, discharge from the vent.
4) differential gauge: through differential gauge to control the pulse time, make the dust cleared in a timely manner.
5) dust collecting hopper: after the pulse series filter dust into the dust hopper, regular cleaning.

Taken the areas of application:
1) municipal industry: suitable for eat hutch garbage treatment station, waste transfer station, municipal waste treatment plants,
Sludge incineration of waste gas treatment, sludge drying, etc.
2) industry: suitable for rubber factory, tyre plant, paper mills, food factories, tobacco, printing, dyeing and printing, spraying, asphalt gas, chemical plant and the production process of waste gas treatment.

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