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Biological deodorization liquid
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  NEW BIO - C for natural plant extract, peptide and enzyme complex ingredients, for the biological catalyst system, can use after natural degradation and decomposition, so it is safe, no residue.NEW BIO - C can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and the decomposition of pollutants, emulsification, and promote oxidation and deodorization.For its contain natural plant extract, organic enzyme system of safe, deodorization process is inhibit the activity of stench particles and make its degradation.
Its main deodorization process is:
(1) decomposition of emulsified oil or pollution.
Promote effective [2] the growth of bacteria.
(3) in the process by the biocatalyst promote oxidation deodorization.
For Bio - C has a microbial selective sterilization effect of single-celled organisms, different is that for, animals do not have any impact.
For Bio - C is different from the common product, harmless to human body, even into the eyes or injured skin, no any problems, there are security certification authority of the world.(see the test report)

Note: the company's products for sale of deodorization liquid condensed concentrate

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Purification rate

According to the customer target


  1 gallon/bottle of 55 gallon barrel


The source of forest ® (registered trademark) of China

Biological deodorization liquid its characteristics as follows:
1), for the broad spectrum microbial mixed bacteria products, containing 10 strains of elaborate optimization efficiency gram positive bacillus, various odor composition synergy degradation.
2), for all the products used in plants, waste water, waste, sludge treatment with the highest number of colonies of liquid products.
3), which can effectively degrade volatile fatty acids and garbage leachate in common carboxy methyl cellulose, starch, cellulose and lignin, and so on.
4), special added biological oxidase and Yucca Schidigera, develop their ability of deodorization.
5), the safe water-based formula, safe for human, without excitant.
6), nonflammable, biodegradability, no secondary pollution;
7), interesting, ideal temperature is 36 ℃, the high temperature limit for 54 ℃;
8), zero will freeze, don't break down, thawed effect does not lose;
9), generally 50-1000 times diluted with water, which can effectively use;
10), basically as oxidation system;
11), pH value of 7 usually, does not affect other solution pH value

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