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Recruitment Headquarters in recruitment


Headquarters in recruitment
A, exhaust gas engineer
(a) responsibility
1, responsible for waste gas treatment project design work, compile process program, preliminary design and construction drawing design;
2, as project director, responsible for organizing, coordinating the whole project;
3, provide technical support to the sales department.
(2) the qualifications
1, college or above, major in water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, biological engineering related field;
2, 1 years experience in environmental protection industry related requirements;Environmental engineer is preferred;
3, be familiar with all kinds of waste gas process design and processing, can independently write exhaust gas treatment project technical scheme and process design;
4, have actual project debugging experience, familiar with the whole process from design to construction site service and main link and control points is preferred;
5, strong technical skill, capable to deal with emergencies, the scene at any time;
6, familiar with CAD drawing software and office software;7, work positive enterprising, has the good team cooperation spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work adapt to business trip.


Second, the salesman
(a) responsibility
1, market development, develop new customers, developing sales channels;
2, collect and analyze market data, feedback the latest information on a regular basis.
3, good maintenance within the area of the user, to establish good customer relations;
4, coordinate the user complaints and provide technical support and services;
5, effective integration of industry resources, to carry out the sales plan, achieve sales target.
(2) the qualifications
1, college degree or above, environmental engineering or related field;
2, 1 years relevant sales experience in peers or industrial products;
3, have strong learning ability and good communication skills;
4, tough character, the thought is agile, have good strain capacity and bearing capacity;
5, has the keen market insight, has a strong dedication and sense of responsibility and positive working attitude.


Three, human resources assistant
(a) responsibility
1, responsible for the company's recruitment;
2, responsible for orientation, responsible for employees move formalities to deal with;
3, responsible for employee personnel file management, labor contract management;
4, responsible for employee social security, medical insurance, public housing fund and other business is dealt with;
5, responsible for employee compensation statistics summary;
6, responsible for organize the collective meeting and activities;
7, responsible for employee performance evaluation data statistic summary regularly;
Careful with 8, responsible for the company's various documents;
9, responsible for the company's personnel file transfer and distribution;
10, is responsible for the administrative work, security and fire fighting management work, create a comfortable, beautiful, neat working environment;
11, tax dollars companies, utilities, rent, telephone, etc.
12, is responsible for the company emergency treatment work, assist company to deal with the emergency.
13, responsible for the implementation of the regulations of the company, execution and heald, maintain the authority of the regulations of the company.
14 other work, assist superior handling personnel administration.
(2) the qualifications
1, more than two years of relevant working experience, college degree or above, secretarial, administrative management, and other related professional;
2, familiar with OFFICE administrative management knowledge and work processes, skilled use of OFFICE and other OFFICE software;
3, basic business letter writing skill and oral expression ability;
4, work carefully earnestly, a strong sense of responsibility and integrity;
5, familiar with all kinds of certificates of careful and application process of qualification of the environmental protection industry is preferred.
Fourth, the front desk clerk
(a) responsibility
1, responsible for the company's receptionist and telephone switching;
2, send and receive fax, photocopy documents, send and receive letters, newspapers, documents, etc.;
3, responsible for the arrangement of the letters, parcels and contact the Courier company;
4, responsible for office environment maintenance, ensure safe and normal operation;
5, responsible for the statistics monthly attendance;
6, and other administrative work assigned by superior.
(2) the qualifications
1, degree above technical secondary school graduate is required;
2, has the sense of responsibility, strong affinity, good image and characteristic;
3, character cheerful, lively, have strong communication skills;
4, the height of 160 cm.
Five, the driver
(a) responsibility
1, responsible for the company's foreign affairs transfers (scope of the pearl river delta, the company has engineering project);
2, be responsible for vehicle maintenance, repair and cleaning;
3, assist in the daily administrative affairs.


Six, procurement specialist
(a) responsibility
1, finish the work with good quality, on time and be able to handle and is responsible for solving tasks independently;
2, according to the regulations of the company's purchasing process to purchase operation;
3, monitor material market change, take the necessary procurement techniques to reduce procurement cost;
4, coordinate to solve purchase materials in a timely manner, produced in the process of production use, customer service delivery and quality problems;
5, regular market research, expand the channels, for supplier evaluation.
(2) the qualifications
1, engaged in accounting or purchasing raw materials (metal) and the relevant experience of sheet-metal part;
2, familiar with engineering materials raw material purchasing experience is preferred;
3, proficient in daily purchasing statistical work;
4, serious and responsible, good communication and cooperation ability.
Factory recruitment
Seven, installation supervisor
(a) job responsibilities:
Responsible for management of environmental protection equipment installation construction of the project
(2) the qualifications:
1, engaged in equipment manufacture and piping, equipment installation, has the rich out production management and construction management experience is preferred.
2, 30 to 48 years old, healthy body, have a strong dedication to work, have strong leadership and drive.
Eight, argon arc welding
(a) responsibility
1, the finished products according to your drawings of welding work, the welding of the stainless steel plate thickness (0.8 4.0), including spot welding
2, responsible for the related equipment maintenance and safety production.
(2) the qualifications
1, work earnestly, can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the arrangement, can adapt to travel.
2, the related certificates, has the rich argon arc welding work experience is preferred.



Nine, sheet metal working
(a) responsibility
Mainly responsible for sheet metal parts production, the following material, marking, bending, shear, etc.
(2) the qualifications
1, sheet metal production more than one year working experience, can independently operate CNC bending machine, shears and other equipment
2, sheet metal process and principle of skilled, familiar with plate bending coefficient;
3, can basic view, familiar with tool measuring tool use;
4, master the basic knowledge of the metal material;
5, healthy body, the normal vision, can bear hardships and stand hard work, a strong sense of responsibility, obey the work arrangement;
Ten, electrical assembly
(a) responsibility
Production, installation, debugging and equipment related to the distribution box, electric cabinet, wiring, etc.
(2) the qualifications
1, 2 years of relevant working experience, familiar with all kinds of low voltage circuit system design, will see drawings, CAD drawing;
2, with hardware machinery industry work experience, have electrician certificate is preferred.
Eleven and a grinder
(a) responsibility
Responsible for the polishing of sheet metal parts, chassis cabinet, such as wire drawing surface processing work.
(2) the qualifications
1, have 2 years of relevant working experience, familiar with the use of grinding machine, wire drawing machine and related machine;
2, with hardware machinery industry work experience is preferred;
3, serious and responsible work, need careful patient.

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