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  Generally in a closed system, ozone concentration is low, the empty space in production, can use deodorant liquid atomization spraying method, because this method does not need to do collection system, can reduce investment of equipment cost.
  Will dilute the ratio of good New Bio - C deodorization liquid storage in special tank, by the deodorization liquid atomization pressure device.By atomizing New Bio - C deodorization liquid molecular contact with bad breath, bad smell gas molecule, deodorization process first, destruction of water molecules capsule and the stench of particles to capture, then through deodorization liquid itself the function of promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and the decomposition of pollutants, emulsification, and promote oxidation and reach the purpose of long-term, stable deodorization, this process belongs to the chemical and biochemical processes.
For deodorization liquid spraying technology, generally USES the high-pressure pump atomization method to implement.




  High-pressure pump atomization method, process flow diagram
  This method is suitable for the low ozone concentration, unorganized emissions of confined Spaces, empty in the production of space.

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