Industry in the governance of low concentration odorous gas composite photocatalytic device and meth
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Composite photocatalytic device and method of dry and deodorization



  Composite photocatalytic device and method of dry and deodorization process flow diagram
  Low concentration odorous gas is pumped to pretreatment layer, remove the floc in the gas and dust, and then sent to the compound light push device, under the action of TiO2 catalytic - light is decomposed into CO2 and H2O.Not completely removed the stench gas to be released in odor Vaportek controller of polymer VP deodorization and particles, so as to achieve the environmental protection discharge standards.
  The one-piece photocatalytic - deodorization device designed specifically for tire industry research and development, is our patented technology products.Please do not copy!
  Integrated purification device including the odor control section, photocatalytic purification and the wind section three parts.Odor controller using Vaportek dry membrane technology to remove odor;Photocatalytic purification by photocatalytic foam nickel net and ultraviolet light irradiation combined purifying exhaust gas;Out the wind section to affix a rain hat, overflow type.


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