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Eat hutch waste dump deodorant
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Eat hutch waste dump deodorization treatment process:




  Process description:
  Step 1: the stench gas by collecting pipe under the action of negative pressure fan, is pumped leads to the pretreatment section, filtering through the fiber and carbon fiber homogenization of interception, collision, diffusion and absorption, such as pretreatment, intercept part of particulate matter in gas (main effect: gas poisoning harmful ingredients removal rate reached more than 65%);
The second step, pretreatment section of the processed waste gas, sent to the composite photocatalytic nickel net unit, under the C band ultraviolet light, the formation of TiO2 photocatalysis oxidation is active hydroxyl (• OH) and other active oxide material (, O2 - and, OOH, H2O2) the result of joint action.In the TiO2 surface generated by • OH groups high reactivity, is higher than that of organic matter in various types of chemical bonds can response to add • O2 -, OOH, the synergy of H2O2 oxidation activity class material, can effectively break down organic matter.(main functions: to remove part of the waste gas of benzene, toluene, xylene and non methane hydrocarbon);
  The third step: after the front-end preprocessing of odorous gases, still leave most odor pollution problems.At this point, the our company introduced the United States advanced deodorization technology, the Vaportek deodorant box (main effect: the exhaust odour removal to discharging standard) composite photocatalytic device installed in the line between exports and chimney, use a small centrifugal fan drum wind, the deodorization deodorant particles in the box away, and promptly take the initiative to capture the stench gas molecules in the air, and will be wrapped in stink particles.Particles of Vaportek for natural oil deodorization, nonpolar interactions among the particles by molecular non covalent binding with odor molecules, thereby significantly the molecular stability, reduce its activity and excitement.Furthermore, as a result of the combination proportion increase, settled through sedimentation.This process is different from the chemical reaction process and generate a third type of material, also different from the cover effect, will not cause secondary pollution, can completely remove odor.
Step 4: after processing standard of exhaust gas by lead high chimney emission (more than 15 m height).
Completed case diagram as shown below:





  Qingdao eat hutch waste dump deodorization project - purple

  Eat hutch waste dump deodorization application case:
  Have to complete the eat hutch waste dump deodorization project portfolio includes: Beijing gaoantun, Qingdao eat hutch eat hutch dump dump, kunming, chengdu shuangliu, chengdu xinjian stand, guangzhou tianhe station, jiangsu nanjing station, in wuxi city, jiangsu province, etc.




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