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The application of bag filter - waste comprehensive treatment
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The application of bag filter - waste comprehensive treatment




  Process description
  One-piece air purifier including waste collection dust removal section, photocatalytic purification section, the stench control section and the wind section of four parts.Odour control is to use Vaportek deodorization technology to remove the stench of diaphragm;Photocatalytic purification by photocatalytic foam nickel net and ultraviolet light irradiation combined purifying exhaust gas;Out the wind section to affix a rain hat, overflow type.
  Process description
  Occurring in the process of production dust exhaust, is collected in the sealing system, through collecting duct and the fan, will seal the dust in the flue gas system, smoke to remove dust bag filter, after pretreatment of waste gas led to the unit to the composite photocatalytic nickel net.Under the C band ultraviolet light, decomposition part stench.
  After preprocessing the stench gas, still leave a larger stench pollution problem.At this point, with my company imported the advanced deodorization technique, the stench Vaportek control box installed in the inlet of centrifugal fan (negative pressure), negative pressure generated by the fan will stink deodorant particles in the control box, quickly take the initiative to capture the stench gas molecules in the air, and the stench coated particles.Particles of Vaportek for natural oil deodorization, nonpolar interactions among the particles by molecular and odorous molecules covalent bonding, thereby significantly the molecular stability, reduce its activity and excitement.Furthermore, as a result of the combination proportion increase, settled through sedimentation.This process is different from the chemical reaction process and generate a third type of material, also different from the cover effect, will not cause secondary pollution, can completely remove the stench.
After dusting, deodorization, purification of exhaust gas, meet the requirements of environment protection, finally by the wind into the air.
  This process is suitable for application in mechanical equipment, workshop grinding, power plants, cement plants, workshop dust, waste gas such as power plant management.

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