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Electronic, mechanical industry waste gas treatment
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  For acid and alkali waste gas and welding soot electronics factory, machinery industry, our company is mainly used for processing waste gas purification tower, main material is stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic.
1, exhaust gas purification Tate point:
(1) the gas-liquid contact, high purification efficiency fully, can according to different ingredients to use different detergents;
(2) low investment, the system runs stably, convenient operation and management, a high degree of automation;
(3) the tower body can be selected according to exhaust characteristic of glass fiber reinforced plastic or stainless steel durable, corrosion resistant performance is good.
(4) small system resistance, low power consumption.
(5) compact structure, covers an area of less.
2, exhaust gas purification tower scope of application:
Electroplating, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and other industries of acid gas, organic exhaust gas treatment, the waste gas purification tower with our biological deodorization concentrate NEW BIO - C also can be used for purifying deodorization tower).
3, the working principle of the exhaust gas purification tower:
Concrete structure by into the wind, storage tank, multistage spray section, packing layer (pall ring filler used PP material or hollow ball), mist eliminator, wind cone hat, etc.All kinds of industrial waste gas into the purification tower, the gas absorption process in gas liquid two phase interface, transmission rate and interface area is proportional to the principle of packing is used to increase the contact area of two phase, make two phase dispersed adequately, achieve the purpose of purifying waste gas.



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