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Stench governance process, the wet method
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1, high efficiency wet purification technology




  Collected the stench gas first lead to efficient wet purification tower (main effect: the waste gas containing dust and soluble gases, including dust in addition to the rate of more than 85%, deodorant rate can reach more than 85%) for pretreatment, dust exhaust after efficient wet dust purification tower, still have larger peculiar smell.Efficient contact counterflow wet purification tower belongs to the differential, tower packing is a basic component of gas liquid two phase contact.It can provide large enough surface area of gas-liquid flow and does not cause too much resistance.Efficient wet processed stench gas purification tower, sent to the efficient dehydration desiccant layer (main effect: the exhaust floc intercept. And moisture from the exhaust gas to take off the below 85%).With duct high emissions, finally achieve the purpose of purifying deodorant.



  Application: apply to municipal industry: suitable for eat hutch waste treatment station, waste transfer station, city landfill, waste treatment plants, urban sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping station, grille, sludge, sludge treatment such as H2S, mercaptan, sulfur ethers, smell gas such as ammonia and amine;
Applications: mitsubishi electric, changzhi from huiyang landfill, landfill, quanxing feed, a feed at sea, crest biological feed fish meal factory enterprise unit, the united Arab emirates (uae).

2, pressure spray process





  Process is introduced: spray technology is mainly composed of reservoir pressure device, pressure device, transfusion pipe, spray head and the electric control system.Will dilute the ratio of good NEW BIO - C deodorization liquid storage in special tank, by pressure device delivered the deodorization liquid pipeline.Rules on pipeline arrangement of spray head, pipeline pressure to push the deodorization liquid to spray head.By atomization deodorization liquid particles small head out, are fully contact with peculiar smell gas molecules, through deodorization liquid can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and the pollutants decomposition, emulsification, and promote the results of the oxidation and deodorization.


  Application: apply to sewage treatment station (factory), all kinds of dirt, FenShaoChang, waste compression station, hospital and other places of the stench.
  Applications: the sewage plant, xing feng landfill kramer, huangshan mountain jade screen tower hotel enterprise unit, etc.



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