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Chemical waste management
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Chemical waste management




  Chemical waste gas treatment process description
  Absorption is the waste collection and transportation to the multistage cross flow washing pool, wash in the pool in cross flow, gas horizontally through one or more packing bed after purification.Packing from the top of the cleaning, spray cleaning fluid on the top of the packing, through after packing into the cleaning tank.At all levels of cleaning fluid, respectively, to join chemical reagent, such as acid, alkali and oxidant to remove material such as NH3 and H2S and mercaptan and difficult decomposition of fatty acid, etc.
  Absorb the advantage of the method is: pollutants processing efficiency is high, the equipment cover an area of an area small, can be used alone or multistage combination, adding the different agents at all levels, can handle different pollutants in exhaust gas at the same time.Chemical method is suitable for water soluble pollutants more occasions, the processing efficiency of up to 95 - more than 99%, the disadvantage is that the high cost of running, need operation, will produce secondary pollution, the difficult soluble waste gas treatment effect is poor.
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