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Municipal eat hutch, living garbage odorous gas treatment plant fluid high pressure spray deodorizat
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Plant fluid high pressure spray deodorization method



   Plant fluid high pressure spray deodorization process flow diagram
  NEW BIO - C deodorization liquid and the ratio of water after automatic storage to add inside the cabinet, by high-pressure pump pressure, the spray pipe is led to the stench of space, and finally by atomizing nozzle atomized into droplets under 15 um, contact with odor molecules, to, emulsification, and promote the contaminants oxidation and achieve long-term stability of deodorization effect.
  Not against doing whole convulsions deodorization conditions tips, high-pressure spray deodorant technology can be used, by putting a NEW BIO - C biological deodorization liquid diluted by certain proportion under pressurized atomized into 15 microns particles, through its surface tension, quickly capture the stench in the air molecules, rely on biological catalyst system, thus the odorous molecules, oxidation, neutralization.The technology key features:
1, the equipment covers an area of small size;
2, low running cost, easy maintenance;
3, using automatic control technology, which can realize remote control mode and humanization setting;
4, can quickly remove space fetor, improve the working environment.


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